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Breeding Regulations of 1.PRV e.V.
All breeding animals that have been certified breedable before these breeding regulations fundamentally possess grandfather rights!

§ 1
No breeder of 1.PRV e.V. is permitted to breed the same breed in other associations.

§ 2
All breeding bitch owners that have a protected kennel name in 1.PRV e.V. are regarded as breeders.

§ 3
Each breeding site shall be inspected, possibly with prior notice, by a breed inspector of 1.PRV e.V. The breed inspectors of the state associations are responsible for this. Therefore, the breeder must grant the breed inspector unrestricted access to the breeding site.

§ 4
Only dogs that have been certified breedable may be used in breeding. Stud dogs from other associations shall be recognised.

§ 5 Conditions for Breedability and Breeding Approval.
1. The minimum age for tiny breed bitches under 45 cm shoulder height is 15 months, but at least the 2nd heat. It is 12 months for studs. As well as prescribed examinations.
The minimum age for large breed bitches above 45 cm shoulder height is 18 months. It is 15 months for studs. As well as other prescribed examinations.
2. An HD and ED evaluation is compulsory for large breeds above 45 cm shoulder height.
3. Other examinations are necessary for certain breeds
PL diagnoses (patella luxation) are compulsory for pedigree dogs up to 45 cm shoulder height.
4. HD Formula:
HD level 0 ((A1 + A2)) for HD 0
HD level 1 ((B1 + B2)) almost normal, or transitional form, HD suspected
HD level 2 ((C)) for slight HD
HD level 3 ((D)) for medium HD, breeding prohibition here-
HD level 4 ((E)) for severe HD, breeding prohibition here-
Dogs with HD level 1 -2 may only be paired with HD level 0.
5. ED Formula: ED level 0 free of ED
ED level G ED borderline case
ED level 1 slight ED
ED level 2 medium ED, breeding prohibition here-
ED level 3 for severe ED, breeding prohibition here
The minimum age for all X-ray examinations is 12 months

§ 6 Breeding
A bitch may be serviced on two consecutive heat periods. The 3rd heat must fundamentally be skipped.
A bitch shall stop breeding at the completion of her eighth year.

§ 7
A breed inspector of 1.PRV. must carry out the puppy check, and it is possible as from the 6th week. This may also be done by a veterinary doctor.
Every breeder who breeds in 1. PRV e.V. is personally responsible for the perfect health status of his puppies.
The breeder is SOLELY liable for the information provided in the pedigree litter application.
These breeding regulations shall come into force on 01/08/2012

§ 9 A kennel name (breeding) can always be revoked at the end of each year, provided the association receives the notice 3 months previously. By post. Afterwards, the kennel name becomes free again for every other breeder and can be registered.

Changes to the breeding regulations can only be made through a resolution of the executive committee.
Breeding regulations (expansion) come into force on 11/08/2016 and are immediately binding on all breeders.

1.Pfälzer Rassezuchtverein e.V.